Life Phases Estate Planning Workshop

The First Step in Shielding What Matters Most

All workshops are held at:
Sechler Law Firm, LLC
183 Scharberry Lane
Mars, PA 16046

Seating is limited! Choose a time above to reserve your place at the table.

At Sechler Law Firm, LLC we believe in helping our clients make informed decisions. Understanding how the law works and how to prepare an estate plan properly can be extremely complicated. The unfortunate truth is that the law becomes even more complicated as we age and accumulate assets.

You’ve worked hard, raised families, and accumulated a nest egg. You’ve paid your fair share of taxes and contributed to your community. After decades of hard work, can you now afford to pay $10,000 per month in the nursing home? If you answered “No!”, then you need to get to a workshop to learn how to Shield What Matters Most.

Don’t become one of the unfortunate families who failed to plan to properly protect assets. Come to our Workshop to start the process of planning.

At the Workshop, you’ll learn:

Wills v. Trusts
How to maintain control of your life savings
All about Medicaid eligibility for the Nursing Home
Asset Protection from long-term care costs
How to avoid Probate
How to protect your kids inheritances from their potential creditors like divorce
Advanced IRA transfer strategies